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Thirty-Sixth Annual Malcolm B. Coutts
San Diego Western Orthopaedic Association
Visiting Professorship

January 25, 2019

at the

San Diego Marriott Del Mar

11966 El Camino Real

San Diego, CA 92130

11966 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130


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SDOS Annual Meeting Agenda

Registration / Continental Breakfast

President's Welcome, Alexandra Page, MD

Session I - Moderator: Robert Eastlack, MD

•  5 Hot Topics in Spine

   Jamie Glenn, MD - Soft Stabilization in Spine

   William Tontz, MD - Update on Biologics in DDD

   Michael Flippin, MD - Techniques for Managing Spondy/Stenosis

   Maneesh Bawa, MD / Vinko Zlomislic, MD 

                                    - Material Science Advancements in Spine

   Panel Discussion - Laminotomies vs. Fusion w/ Spondylolisthesis

Keynote Address: Stefano Bini, MD 

         - Technology in Orthopaedics - Where are we going?

Break and Exhibits

Session II - Moderator: Brian Barlow, MD
•  Outpatient Total Joints
   Mark Rasmussen, MD - Pre-op Medical Work-up, Indications, 

                                           Pain Control

   Mark McBride, MD - Making it Work for a Private Practice

   Nithin Reddy, MD - Kaiser Experience in Outpatient
   Scott Leggett - Partnering with your ASC
   Stefano Bini, MD - Making it work in an Academic Setting
   Panel Discussion - Adult Reconstruction

Session III - Moderator: Alexandra Schwartz, MD

•  5 Hot Topics in Trauma

   Matt Meunier, MD - Proximal Humerus Fractures

   Erin Farrelly, MD - Open Fractures

   Paul Girard, MD - Distal Femur Fractures
   William Kent, MD - Pelvic Insufficiency Fractures
   Panel Discussion - Distal Femur and Proximal Humerus

Raffle Prize Drawing

Lunch and Exhibits
Resident Breakout: Resident Knowledge Bowl?
                                What I didn't know I didn't know?

Session IV - Moderator: Anshu Singh, MD
•  Registries Across Practice Modes
   John Lane, MD - How I Track Patient Outcomes in Solo Practice

   Lucas McDonald, MD - Navy MOTION Registry

   Robert Eastlack, MD - The Scripps Spine Registry
   Anshu Singh, MD - The Kaiser Orthopaedic Registries
   Alexandra Page, MD - Registries from a Payor Perspective
   Panel Discussion - Putting it Together

Session V - Moderator: Eric Hentzen, MD
•  5 Hot Topics in Hand
   Matt Meunier, MD - Cost Effectiveness of Carpal Tunnel Surgery
   Leo Kroonen, MD - Rethinking Hand Surgery for the 21st Century:   
      Improving Efficiency with Wide-Awake Anesthesia and Technology
   Michael Thompson, MD - Innovations in Hand and Upper Extremity
   Lucius Pomerantz, MD - Opiates in Hand Surgery
   Darren Thomas, MD - Targeted Muscle Reinnervation
   Panel - Q&A / Discussion


Break and Exhibits

Session VI - Moderator: Stefano Bini, MD
•  Technology: Where are we now, Where should we be looking
   Joseph Jankewicz, MD - 
   Peter Hanson, MD / Joseph Jankweicz, MD 
                                                  - Computer-Assisted TKA
   Darryl D'Lima, MD, PhD - Stem Cells and Tissue Regeneration
   Martin Lotz, MD - Disease Modifying OA Drugs: Coming Soon?
   Stefano Bini, MD - Patient Engagement Platform
   Panel - Q&A / Discussion

Session VII - Moderator: Jeffrey Smith, MD
•  Be a Better Surgeon
   Alexandra Page, MD - Easing the Pain: The New MOC Option
   Helene Fronek, MD - Recognizing and Preventing Burnout
   David Bazzo, MD - SDCMS/CMA Wellness
   Jeffrey Smith, MD - Promoting Surgeon Wellness
   David Bazzo, MD / Jeffrey Smith, MD - The Senior Surgeon - 
                                  Straight Answers to Tough Questions
   Panel - Q&A / Discussion

Raffle Prize Drawing

Closing Remarks


Presentation of Distinguished Service Award: Dennis Wenger, MD

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